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GABBETT WEBSITEhomepageThe New Revolution in Stock and Retrieval systems from SCM Group has arrived.

The NEW revolutionary range of SCM Flexstore stock and retrieval systems will change the way you see your whole production environment. Premium European design with total flexibility to suit the Australian market. Instant connection to current SCM machinery and or other brands.

How does Flexstore work

Flexstore is an automatic storage system used to optimize the handling of different panels designed for medium-large industries, it can be integrated in production lines for nesting and/or sizing cells, with a significant increase in productivity and considerable reduction of costs.

The system manages homogeneous and mixed stacks, i.e. made of different dimensions and colours, and raw panels and/or panels with low thickness up to 3 mm depending on the material to process.

With Flexstore you’ll experience Easy tracking  of any panel inside the storage Increase of productivity Reduction of the storage management costs Maximum care of your panels, with reduced opportunity for scratching and marking A safer working environment SCM Flexstore Read More
Nesting machine at Darcy cabinets
Nesting machine at Darcy cabinets

In a competitive market, small companies find it hard to compete on jobs, both from a turnaround time and a price perspective.

John D’Arcy of D’Arcy Read More


The AWA magazine is a dedicated industry publication aimed at the Australian Window Industry.

As their website says, this magazine features:

‘contemporary design and top-class editorial with Read More

The Gabbett Group – Australian sales, world-class solutions

We give Australian businesses access to the best machinery from around the globe.

The Gabbett Group provides professional woodworking and aluminium machinery from the world’s best brands:

SCM Gabbiani FOM Industrie
Morbidelli Holytek Balestrini
Stefani Sawstop DMC
Minimax Tigerstop Superfici

Customer advice and support

The Gabbett Group has built its reputation on strong customer relationships.

We provide one-on-one consultation when choosing a machine, and have display centres and demonstration facilities that allow you to fully test new machinery.

We offer advice on upgrading and overcoming manufacturing hurdles as well as service and spare parts assistance to keep your production line running.