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top blokes christmas 2014
top blokes christmas 2014

For 2014 we thought we’d continue our yearly trend of not buying you a gift.

Instead we put our Christmas present funds towards something else.

Something that, we believe, really encapsulates the spirit of Christmas.

We are sponsoring a workshop run by the topblokes charity.

Top blokes is an organisation that focuses on anti-social, risk taking and community disengagement of young men.  The group focuses on 3 main areas:

Youth empowerment Skills development Resilience programs

The topblokes website says it best –

The topbloke programs give a platform for young males to learn positive decision making skills, become positive role models to their peers and adopt healthier lifestyle choices while developing personal qualities of integrity, character and respect for others.

If you’d like more info on the topblokes organisation you can find more info on their website (including details of how you can get involved)

Thanks to you for being a Top Bloke (or lady) and helping us support this organisation.

Merry Christmas and all the best for the new year!

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Award winning 5 axis SCM machine
Award winning 5 axis SCM machine

The new SCM range of Accord 5 axis machines popularity continues with the presentation of the Supplier magazines ‘Gold star’ awards at the 2014 AWISA exhibition.

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9 Mistakes Nesting Machine
9 Mistakes Nesting Machine

If you’re looking to improve your cabinetmaking business – then it’s safe to say you’re thinking of nesting technology.

A nesting CNC machine will give you Read More

The Gabbett Group – Australian sales, world-class solutions

We give Australian businesses access to the best machinery from around the globe.

The Gabbett Group provides professional woodworking and aluminium machinery from the world’s best brands:

SCM Gabbiani FOM Industrie
Morbidelli Holytek Balestrini
Stefani Sawstop DMC
Minimax Tigerstop Superfici

Customer advice and support

The Gabbett Group has built its reputation on strong customer relationships.

We provide one-on-one consultation when choosing a machine, and have display centres and demonstration facilities that allow you to fully test new machinery.

We offer advice on upgrading and overcoming manufacturing hurdles as well as service and spare parts assistance to keep your production line running.